Hyperbolic Organ

Hyperbolic Organ

Kyeong Jae Lee
Yale School of Architecture
1021a Architectural Design
Brief: Headquarters for the Center of Advancement of Science in Space
Faculty: Mark Foster Gage

“The project delves into the issues of high performance form; accumulative forms serving skin, structure, and circulation at the same time. It seeks to integrate complex spatial solids into an organic narrative defined by the site context and the program requirements, primarily through a series of strategic Boolean operations. While various geometrical families were investigated as the subject of the operation, hyperbolic paraboloids were employed to replicate an ADA accessible, smoothly transitioning surface. Parabolic surfaces extracted from the paraboloids morph into vertical members and they envelope the building to generate fluid yet pleasingly unusual spaces. The stylized form also incorporates the structural framework to establish a cohesive porosity in the middle of the super dense city.”


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