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FUNiño is the introductory module of Futbol a la medida del nino, the world famous “Youth Football Development Model” by Horst Wein and represents a significant breakthrough in youth football coaching. The magic formula of playing 3v3 on 4 goals  introduces width,  options, perception and decision-making –  laying a solid foundation for  Game Intelligence.



FUNiño recognizes that playing is like breathing to children, necessary for their physical and mental well-being!

Player Benefits:

Optimal pitch size and player numbers, 4 goals out wide and simple rules means:

  • The game is easy to understand and learn
  • Experiencing success brings greater confidence, enjoyment and motivation
  • More touches on the ball, more goals, more 1v1s and 2v1s
  • Lots of dribbling, then when they get tired, lots of passing
  • Establishes all the basic skills – controlling, passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling
  • The player has plenty of opportunity to “be in love with the ball,” to improvise and to take risks without fear of making mistakes
  • Greater participation as each player is vital in a 3 person team
  • Goals out wide improves perception, peripheral vision and spatial awareness
  • Reduces crowding or swarming
  • More time and space to think and make decisions
  • Great variety of games within a familiar structure keeps it interesting for everyone
  • The positive environment of discovery instead of instruction is much more stimulating than traditional coaching style
  • Smaller players make up for their physical disadvantages through clever play
  • Rolling substitutions and equal playing time benefits everyone
  • Frequent repetition of basic game situations gives greater opportunity to master them
  • Two goals at each end create options which stimulates creativity and improvisation
  • Develops support play and off-the-ball play
  • Learning takes place in a fully-integrated holistic environment, just as in the game itself. There is no isolation or separation of technical, tactical or physical elements
  • Usually everyone scores a goal!


More goals, more action, more FUN!

Lifestyle and character benefits:

  • Active Lifestyle – combats the impact of sedentary lifestyle and obesity
  • Confidence and self esteem – through more successful actions and positive environment
  • Endeavour and perseverance – learn to never give up
  • The Ability to Think – invaluable for education and life
  • Emotional Control – contentment and satisfaction through play
  • Better social relations – friendships and teamwork and a place to belong
  • Fair Play – respect for other children, adults and regulations


Game Intelligence is key

Game Intelligence is key

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Dermot Dalton officially introduces Funino to Nagaland

Dermot Dalton officially introduces Funino to Nagaland

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Horst Wein

Horst Wein is known as “the coach of coaches” having mentored and influenced over 11,000 soccer coaches in 54 countries all around the world during the last 25 years.

 He is the creator of the internationally renowned YOUTH FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT MODEL – the first ever, age-appropriate, progressive programme of training for youth footballers.

One of his football books, “Developing Youth Football Players,” is the official textbook of The Spanish Football Federation and The Football Federation of Australia, and has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide, to date.

Horst has majored in the ground-breaking concept of Game Intelligence, since 2002, having written and lectured extensively on the topic in four continents.

He has served as The Head Coach of Nike Club UK from 2000-2003.

Kohima Komets and Funino

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